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How We Rank Diet Pills:

  • Clinically Proven Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantees of AT LEAST 60 Days
  • No deceptive billing practices such as fake "free trials"
  • Products must be Safe
  • At least an 80%+ Customer Success Rate
  • Good standings with the Better Business Bureau
  • Strong enough to lose AT LEAST 3-7 Pounds / week

  • Alli

    alli1.jpgDoes Alli Work?

    Alli (pronounced Ally not Allie) is a relatively new over the counter weight loss supplement that has been getting a lot of attention. Alli contains a small amount of a prescription drug called Orlistat. Right now, Alli is going through a huge marketing blitz. You can find it everywhere, Target, WalMart, essentially every store should be carrying Alli. Will Alli heglp you lose weight? Does Alli have any side effects?

    Research studies show that Alli will help you lose at least 1 pound per month. Nothing to shout hooray over. For most people, taking soda pop out of your diet will help you lose more weight than taking Alli will.

    The main and only ingredient in Alli is Orlistat. Orlistat blocks the absorption of fats from the diet, thus reducing caloric intake. It works by inhibiting an enzyme in the pancreas that is responsible for breaking down triglycerides in the intestine.

    So where do these fats go??? That brings us to the side effects associated with Alli. If these oily fats aren’t absorbed, they are expelled through bowl movements. In reality, the most common side effects are uncontrollable oily discharges. People are experiencing very unpleasant oily ‘leaks’ that make for really embarrassing public situations. The other side effects are just as terrible – including extreme gas / flatulence and uncontrollable urinary drips and leaks (incontinence).

    Positives of Alli

    - Inhibits the absorption of fat

    - Easily available

    Negatives of Alli

    - Very overpriced

    - Provides no Money Back or Satisfaction Guarantee

    - Lacking a good Appetite Suppressant

    - Terrible Side Effects

    Customer Testimonials

    “It causes diarrhea if you eat greasy foods. Sometimes you will not make it to the bathroom.”

    “And also, when you think you have gas, make sure you go to the bathroom & sit on the toilet b/c it may be oily. But as long as you do that, you should be okay.”

    “Does ALLI have a guarantee return money back policy? I have been on this now for a month. I am not happy at all. I haven’t lost a pound or anything. In fact I’ve gained weight. and I have not even changed my eating habits. It’s the same. So this product in my mind does not work at all. how can I get my money back?”

    “I can’t enjoy a steak meal once a week or so without having stomach cramps, and orange droplets in the toilet and on my clothes-even when I don’t take a pill with the meal. I guess I would rather try to lose weight without it.”


    Oil Leaks are For Cars… Not For People!

    Alli is a fat blocker - plain and simple. Are there other good fat blockers available? For sure. Is blocking fat the only way to lose weight or the best way to lose weight? Heavens No. There are other amazing supplements available that contain Patented, FDA Approved ingredients. These supplements will give you better results than Alli, or Orlistat without the awful side effects.

    A 50 day supply of Alli Retails for $175, but is available for $80 on Amazon or eBay.

    Keep reading to see our top rated fat burners. Many of these diet pills use the same clinically, real world proven, and patented ingredients that have been shown to be safe and extremely effective at helping users lose a lot of weight in a short time period without draining your wallet.

    2009's Top 9 Best Diet Pills

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    Anoretix contains clinically proven weight loss ingredients that will help you lose weight FAST! Take a look at the clinical results of studies performed on Anoretix's key ingredients:

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    Phenphedrine™ is the most powerful Weight Loss Aid and "Euphoric Pill" available OTC (without prescription). We've never encountered a pill which consistently exceeds results of prescription diet pills. We may have ranked it #1, but it doesn't score well on safety due to some reports it may actually contain prescription drugs (including Phentermine and Oxycodone). Most likely, those rumors are false.

    Phenphedrine™ users report feelings of "Euphoria" which helps control cravings, hunger, and appetite. The feeling comes from CART activating ingredients within Fenphedra. Many experts have predicted it will be taken from the market, even though Phenphedrine is 100% ephedra-free. It comes with a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee. Learn More...


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    Apidexin - Just One PATENTED weight loss ingredient will produce Rapid results FAST! 8 Patented Fat Loss ingredients are unheard of and will provide Jaw Dropping Weight Loss Results for Anyone who tries Apidexin.

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    Nuphedra™ easily ranks #1 as "Most Powerful Diet Pill." The manufacturer offers a 'Double Your Money Back Guarantee' (which they honor) if you aren't 100% satisfied with your results.

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    Decaslim has 10 impressive ingredients: "The Ten Most Healthy" (according to Time Magazine). And they aren't your average extracts either, most are patented, with double-blind, placebo-controlled scientific studies to prove their efficacy. At diet pill institute science is king, and this formula is the most scientifically sound.

    What does the science mean to you? You WILL lose weight with Decaslim (it's proven).

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    MyoRipped is a weight loss supplement / muscle builder for men (must be over 18). MyoRipped is the #1 rated men’s diet formula because it burns fat, builds lean muscle tissue, and enhances sexual vigor.

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    Colovox Colon Cleansing System. Colon cleansing is the safest way to loose weight fast, and Colovox is easily the best option available. It cleanses your colon and detoxifies your body, which not only helps you lose weight, but improves every aspect of anatomical function.

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    HerbaLife Total Control- New and Improved Total Control from Herbalife is a revolutionary herbal supplement designed to transform the weight-loss process. Free from ephedra and citrus aurantium, this advanced formula works at the cellular level to help build energy, boost metabolism and promote weight-loss, giving you the support you need to finally achieve and maintain your ideal weight.

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    7 Day Detox is a unique detoxification supplement that contains 34 different ingredients intended to flush toxins and fat out of your system. One user lost an incredible 24 pounds in 7 days with 7-Day Detox. Those results are extreme but the typical user loses 7-14 pounds per bottle/detox.

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    28 responses to “Alli”

    1. I have been taking Alli for about 3 months have not lost a pound. The only reason I’m still taking it is I bought the biggest bottle and I’m determined to finish it. I haven’t gained or lost any. I’m totally not satisfied. It has helped my acid reflux I’m assuming that is because I don’t digest and fat in my system it all goes out within 30 minutes of eating. I will not buy this product again. Although I HAVE NOT had any problems in the bathroom area except that I’m in there frequently.

    2. As with any weight loss supplement, the instructions recommend cutting back on, or even cutting out many of the fatty foods that have been consumed by the person seeking weight loss. It is also recommended to increase your daily activity levels. So if one pays $60/bottle for a weight loss supplement but remains sedentary and does not change the way he/she eats, of course that person is not going to lose weight. It also says right on the bottle of Alli that you should not eat greasy foods, as negative side effects could include greasy diarrhea or gas/flatulence. I guess that if people are too lazy to get up off the couch, then we shouldn’t be expecting them to read a bottle for the daily dosing instructions. Keep them away from O.T.C. pain meds!!

    3. I have a friend who has taken Alli since November. Besides the side effects of going to the bathroom, yes! that is true.

      However, she has lost 30 pounds.

    4. Dear Alli people,
      Im 20yrs old and Ive always struggled with my weight. My highest was 180lbs almost 2yrs ago, but all by myself I got it down to 110lbs. I kept it that way for 1yr and a half. I now have gained 20lbs because of my medication and Im having one heck of a hard time getting it off… Im trying your alli to see if it works, and I just started it a week ago…The only problem is, is that its making me sicker than crap, with stomach pains, and nausia. Its like Ive got the flu.. But I have lost 2lbs so far..

      Well lets pray it works..


    5. Seriously, Alli is a good diet pill. Is it the best? No way. It does train you (by negative reinforcement – ie crapping your pants in public) to eat well. There are tons of weight loss pills out there.

    6. I have taken the Alli medication for about 5 months now. I havent had any significant weight change at all. But that is do to my not following the inststructions so I dont have anyone to blame but myself. I sometimes have oily stool but once again thats due to me not following the recommended guildlines that come with the medication. They say that it will be one of the side effects if you eat a high amount of greasy fatty foods. I wouldnt say that its the greatest diet pill that there is. Hey the greatest diet pill would be one that could give you a supermodel figure overnight. But it does let you know that all that grease thats comming out is not clogging your arterys.

    7. I have been taking ALLI for three months now and yes you go to the bathroom alot.I have lost 30lbs so far. I was in a size 18-20 now 14-16 so I am reel happy. I still have about 50 more to take off and I will.

    8. Alli caused me to have a severe bladder infection. What happens is when you release the excess fat in your body with those little orange drops with your bowel movements. It is so oily and goes all over the place that it only takes a little to transfer and next you get a bladder infection. Now Im on 1000 miligrams of medicine a day to help heal my infection. I wouldnt recommend this pill to anyone.

    9. I have been trying to lose weight for a year now and have not lost a single pound. I have been taking alli for 3 weeks now and still have not lost any weight. the only thind i see is a very slight change in the way my clothes fit. not much progress at all. But I’m going to finish the bottle.

    10. I am very interested in losing at least 40 pounds but I have high blood pressure and am on medication for it. I didn’t see any where on this site about contraindictions. Can anyone help?

    11. Well I have not tried Alli yet and I’ve seen so many negative comments and some positive makes me skeptical to try it. So can someone give me a true and honest comment if it acutal works or not because it was recommended to me by my doctor.


    12. I have been taking alli for 2 1/2 weeks now i lost 3 pounds the first week, and just like Anita said i also feel a change in my clothes… so rather it be weight-loss or inches lost im very satified.

    13. i have tried every diet pill on the market but when alli came out i tried that and i lost only 14 lbs, but i am not that big, i just wanted to get in my cloths i couldn’t. so i am a happy camper..i also excerise and as for going to the bathroom in a hurry…never happened.


    15. I have found Alli to work very well. Have not experienced any mishaps. I have lost 50 pounds now. I have no will power. I did change from eating Mcdonalds for breakfast every day to having a Slim Fast or something nutritional. But I pretty much eat what I want and I am at a size 0. Have been the same weight for almost a year now!

    16. I have been on alli for two years now and only wanted to lose 20 lbs.
      Well i have spent over $1,500 and havent lost the 20 lbs. HOW STUPID AM I TO CONTINUE. I HAVE SAVED ALL MY BOTTLES AND RECEIPT AND

    17. Hi I totally diagree with this article. When useing alli you must follow a great diet, but continueing those old habits or else yes you will get the side effect who ever wrote this article speaks of. I have been using alli sense may of this year(2009) and i have lost 52 pounds and sense have been dropped off of high blood pressure meds and my suger levels keep improving daily which means I will soon be off of the meds for diabetes. It is important with alli that you follow a healthy diet followed with exercise in which I do water aroebics for an hour a day everyday. I am one who is very leary about diet pills but alli has made me aware of what I eat and and has helped me to learn how to eat. If you use this diet correctly you will not have the side effect of all of the above Items listed. Good luck to those who are trying alli. And by the way the prices listed are incorrrect, you can purchase alli at walmart for almost half of what the price is quoted above.

    18. I took Alli for 9 months and lost a total of 66 pounds. I had little to none of the side effects as I FOLLOWED THE DIET and restricted alot of fat…the instructions clearly state the side effects. As with any diet…you have to try to reduce your calories, excercise and get your head wrapped around your want to lose weight.

    19. Hello, I would like to start alli, but am on lots of meds. I need to know what the effects are on other medications with alli? Does anyone know? thank you.

    20. I have not tried Alli but after reading a lot more into the product. I’m thinking right about now…it’s not for me. I’m thinking that a personal trainer at the cost of what some have spent already, I could have better results. I have put on the weight but I know I can take it off too. It does take some work from the individual not just a pill and I understand that. I’m about 250 right now and unhappy that I have gotten to this point. I know where and what went on to get to this point and if I set my mind and develop a routine I know…I’m a very positive person even though I’m disappointed with myself but it’s going to come off once and for all. And, in a healthy way. Stay away from diet pills and especially ALLI.

    21. I start taking Alli last year and ,I’ve lost 25 pounds . Yes you go to the bath room ,but it give you books for your
      weight and a eating plan , yes you have to follow the rules or else the oily will happen.It is expensive but once I start seeing the result I stuck with it . It teach you how to eso hoat and watch your caloirs portion your food. I recommend it .

    22. It teachs you how to eat and watch your portion , That what I was trying to say.

    23. I have been taking Alli for 2 weeks now, I havent weighed myself yet because I know it might take a while…but I have felt a side affect that no one has mentioned on here…today while I was driving, I felt dizzy, light headed, and like I was going to faint…fuzzy feeling in my head, was kinda scary but Im going to keep taking it and eat more snacks!

    24. I have just started Alli. I have not even begun eating right, though. Yes, I have had to run to the bathroom, but actually time to get there. I had colon surgery before and was not able to go well. I am going very good and very easily now. If this just helps me to go to the bathroom like it’s doing, and it does nothing else, then I’ll take that, because I was not eliminating like I should be. Now I am go healthily and am glad to do so. It’s not good on the system to hold in toxic feces day after day.

    25. my best friend had gastric bypass 7 years ago. she lost all the weight she needed to. however 2 yrs ago she fell very ill with meneires disease(not related to gastric). one of her treatments was aggressive steroid treatment/therapy. she gained 30lbs. she is finally in remission and is able to exercise again. she is exercising 5 days a week, cut back on calories. she wants a boost and talks about utilizing Alli. I’m worried if there are major side effects for her. her liver panels, B-12 levels and other blood work is good, but could this potentially hurt her. she did ask her gastro Dr, they said they didn’t have enough research to support a nay or yay

    26. I’ve sat and read all these negative things people had to say about Alli, and I am very upset over what people who still eat the way they do and blame it on the pill have to say. it clearly tells you how NOT to get the oily discharge called (treatment effects) and anyone who follows the directions will see that it doesn’t happen like people were explaining. I’m thinking that those ppl didnt get the starter pack and just got the refill bottle w/out readingabout the Alli product. it comes w/all sorts of helpful menus,dining out tips,reminder cards, and online help 24hrs a day. I’ve been takin Alli for about a week now and haven’t experienced any of the things ppl have been talking about. Fat is really hard to loose,so if Alli blocks some of it, then why is that so bad? it does not say that you’ll loose 1 lb a month, it’s all according to how many calories and fat you reduce in your diet w/alli. 3500 calories are in 1 Lb of fat so, if you reduce your caloric intake by 3500calories a week, you can loose a pound a week. All of you that had a bad experience with Alli, go back to the store, get the starter pack and do it all over again, only this time follow directions! It comes w/a journal, where you write down everything you eat for 2wks to record your calorie and fat intake. After 2wks you should be used to the new way your eating and won’t have to cont to write in the journal, to some it may be an inconvience, but when has loosing weight been easy. It has quick recipies, a carryng case for your pills,a pocket companion you can refer to when you need it,a calorie and fat counter and a healthy eating guide. I recommend Alli to anyone who wants to loose weight and who wants a life style change. One last thing the starter pack has a BMI counter and a chart for determining the total amount of fat and calories you can have for a day. I can have 1800 calories a day and 60gr of fat a day, I actually manage to eat less than that and don’t feel deprived at all. Take my word for it and try Alli and follow the directions the right way and you will see the results you want, nothing happens over night!!

    27. Alli is really working for me at a rate of 1 pound per week. Sometimes nothing but the next week I’ve lost two. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to get a handle on themselves – you know what I mean! Eating right, exercising, DRINKING WATER, and sleeping. The on-line panning tool to me is the best part of the program. You even check in once a week and there is a whole on-line community (that I don’t use) Each day the on-line program picks 3meals and two snacks for you. You can substitiute, add an item or build your own. It tracks your calories, fat grams, sugar, etc. I really needed something very structured, yet flexible to get me in the right frame of mind so I could start shedding some weight and fat. Its been almost four months And I’ve lost 16 – started at 180 and I’m trying to get back to my pre ovary removal weight of 136. My least favorite thing about Alli is the cost, but I was paying close to $100 a month for phentermeine and doctors visit with results that were close, but with unbearable side effects (phen rage, gittery, overall mean and stressed, feeling flushed, etc.) I have had no close calls to the potty however I have had some smelly gas, but no oily discharges! (gross) If I were just taking the Alli pills and not using the on-line tools, it wouldn’t be as valuable – so take Alli but use the entire program every day.

    28. I am almost 20 years old, and I don’t look too over weight. (I’m 5’6 and weigh 158-160 pounds, but I carry it very well.) I make sure I stay active and keep fit, but there were a few problem areas I wanted to fix, (A.K.A My thighs). So, I decided to try Alli a few weeks ago to give myself a little edge. Personally, I do not experience the “Treatment Effects” as intensely as others might have. I do wear a panty liner just in case of some leakage, and yes, I do use the restroom a little more than before, but it’s nothing uncontrollable. I don’t know how much weight I’ve actually lost yet- I don’t weigh myself anymore- but my pants are getting loose! I guess my biggest advice is to not rely on this product entirely. YOU WILL HAVE TO WORKOUT. There is no getting around that, or eating healthy. A good diet and an active schedule will give you a boost. Just don’t go eating a dozen donuts and think “Because I took some Alli, I’ll be okay.” That’s being unrealistic.

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